Honduras / 01-10-2009

Honduras - Antisemitic comments of Honduran radio director


David Romero, director of Radio Globo in Honduras, made antisemitic remarks concerning the recent coup that forced President Manuel Zelaya Rosales into exile in June.

In a hate-filled speech against the Jewish community, Romero said a number of times, “Sometimes I wonder whether Hitler was right to have finished with that race, with the famous Holocaust.”

The following is a translated transcript of the interview.

ANCHORMAN: “Five pm with 12 minutes, Five pm with 12 minutes, we have more last-minute information with our executive director the Licenciado David Romero Elmer. Good afternoon Mr. David.”

ROMERO: “Good afternoon Rodmey. Good afternoon Franky. A good afternoon the the audience of Radio Globo. We have been really a bit busy working on a series of investigations.

It is worrying, what is happening to the president, Manuel Zelaya Rosales, in the interior of the Brazilian embassy. That is why we have taken up the task to find out who could have set forth to…

I wonder, could there be Hondurans with the evil…with the capacity for such great evil to do what is being done to Manuel Zelaya Rosales and the people who are in the inside {of the embassy}? Are there Hondurans, I ask myself, who play so evil?

I have asked myself. I am Honduran. I was born in this country. I think I am old enough to evaluate the typical behavior of Hondurans no matter the position of the institution they may represent. I have asked myself, ‘Is there a Honduran, dressed in a uniform or not, capable of doing what is being done here; trying to poison the president of the Republic?’ I have found out that probably not. They may be accomplices. But Hondurans, when they find someone to help them do evil, they do do evil.

Sometimes I wonder if Hitler wasn’t right to have exterminated that race with the famous Holocaust. If there is a people who do harm in this country it is the Jews, the Israelites. I want this afternoon to say on Radio Globo, the full name of the two officers of the Jewish army that are working with the armed forces our country and who are in charge of doing all these acts of conspiracy, undercover activities, and everything that is happening to the president of the Republic.

After I have found this out I have asked myself, ‘Why?’ Why didn’t we let Hitler accomplish his historical mission? Forgive my sudden grotesque expression. But, after I have found this out, and many other things, I ask myself…”