Hungary / 07-06-2009

Hungary - Obscene antisemitic internet post by Morvai


Jobbik chief MEP candidate Krisztina Morvai has written in a message to Hungarian Jews posted on an online forum that: "I would be greatly pleased if those who call themselves proud Hungarian Jews played in their leisure with their tiny circumcised dicks, instead of besmirching me. Your kinds of people are used to seeing all of our kind of people stand to attention and adjust to you every time you fart. Would you kindly acknowledge this is now OVER. We have raised our head up high and we shall no longer tolerate your kind of terror. We shall take back our country."

She made the remarks on the Deák Ferenc Civic Forum website.

Morvai's wrath was unleashed by comments from Gábor Barát, finance manager of a New York radiology institute, who called her a psychiatric case and a monster. Barát, referring to himself as "a proud Hungarian Jew," said Morvai foments hatred and said she should be banned from politics for her dangerous remarks.

Morvai did not deny that she wrote the message, but declined to comment further.

Antall-era foreign minister Géza Jeszenszky said in a message posted on the same forum that "this tone and style astonish, unworthy of Hungarian traditions and a woman. All decent Hungarian people can only condemn this contribution. Such words were not written even by Csurka".