Antisemitism - (also Anti-semitism) - Jew hatred.

The German polemicist Wilhelm Marr  coined the German word Antisemitismus in 1879 to give a scientific aura to his ideology of hatred of Jews.  Arab Jew haters have tried to claim that they are not "anti-Semites" since they themselves are Semites, and some Arabs use the term in that way. In this page we use the term "antisemitism" only because it is the most popular accepted term and therefore it is most used when people search for this topic.

Characteristics of antisemitic ideology and characteristic "markers" - The following can be used as guidelines for quickly identifying anti-semitic books, articles and web sites.

In general, any work that pretends to describe the characteristics or traits of a whole people might be racist even if unintentionally so. Racism or bigotry directed at Jews is antisemitism.   

Any text or statement that incoporates one or more of the following ideas and claims that it/they are true can be considered antisemitic:


Holocaust denial - any text or statement that claims the Holocaust did not occur or was exaggerated by Jews or "Zionists" or uses the phrase "Holocaust Myth" is antisemitic.
Antisemitism - a detailed overview and historical summary

Ancient Antisemitism - Anti-Jewish sentiments and theories were in evidence in pagan culture. A large anti-Jewish riot took place in Alexandria about 38 years before the birth of Christ. This fable, found in Apion of Alexandria (about 20 BCE -45 CE) was repeated as true by others. Tacitus' views of the Jews are given in The Histories 5.2-5 . Jews are reviled in the Satires of Juvenal.

Following is a summary of ancient views of the Jews:

The Jews were descendants oflepers (Manetho) or victims of a wasting disease (Tacitus), who had been exiled by the Egyptians .

-The Jews were rescued in the desert by a wild ass or other animal, and therefore worshipped the ass.

- In the Symposium of Plutarch of Chaeronea (c.45-120),states that the object of the Jewish cult was the pig.