Arab Antisemitism

Similar motifs in antisemitic Nazi propaganda and Arab anti-Israel propaganda


Attempt of a Definition, Conspiracy Theories, Antisemitic Caricatures and TV-Series, Comparisons with the “Stuermer“, and more...

The enemy is the West – the Christian world, and their driving force are the Jews. The Jews are not only symbolically, but seriously defined as monkeys and pigs: The language of Islamic extremism is clear and distinct – Descartes would say “claire et distincte“ – genocidal. It can be read in black and white that there is a striving for a repetition of the mass murder of the Jews.


Prof. Yehuda Bauer, Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, during a symposium of Claims Conference “50 Jahre Luxemburger Abkommen“on November, 13th and 14th 2002., April 25, 1999

The different forms and types of this kind of antisemitism, how it expresses and spreads itself…

Antisemitic Caricatures from the “Stuermer“ in comparison to today’s’ ARAB media


- Age-old antisemitic clichés, stereotypes and prejudices, which are identical to those found during the Nazi-period, are distributed all over the world via the different forms of media (TV, radio, print media), as well as through official sermons, via satellite and, of course via the internet.


- Conspiracy theories of blooddrinking, children-murdering, media- and USA-controlling Jews are distributed in the same way as theories about 9/11, Iraq, the death of Moellemann and other incidents.


- The right of existence of the State of Israel is not accepted. Jews are compared to Nazis and are portrayed as aggressors.


- Jews are portrayed as worms, spiders, octopuses, ravens, wolves, and terrorists who want to poison the world, dominate it respectively. The fictitious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion“ are presented as fact. “Mein Kampf“ is a bestseller in Arab countries.

A “Jewish Spider“ has caught Germans

in its web and “sucks them out“.

Title: “The sucked-out ones“.

(Der Stuermer, February 1930)


“Jewish Ravens“ judge a “German Lamb“ which is tied up and will be killed probably (with the axe next to it).Text: “A victim of the Jewdiciary“.(Postcard, beginning of 20th century, Vienna

Lamb “which is tied up and will be killed probably (with the axe next to it) Text: “A victim of the Jewdiciary) “.Postcard, beginning of 20th century, Vienna)

A “Jewish Spider“ runs around a Kafieh

(Palestinian headscarf) which looks like

a web. (Palestinian Al - Hayat Al-

Jadida, Oct. 2001)

Jewish Ravens“ rip into a dead dove of

peace and eat it. (

Examples of antisemitic and problematic cartoons in the Arab media

Antisemitic Caricatures from the “Stuermer“ in comparison to today’s’ ARAB media

A wolf which has eyes in the form of the
Star of David and is labeled “Culture
Bolshevism” devours a sheep. Title:
“Philosophy of the Wolf“
Text: “Rebbich, a sheep always only
knows what happens when it is
devoured.“ (Der Stuermer, 1943)
A “Jewish Octopus“ holds the world in a
clasp and attaches itself to it.
(antisemitic cartoon by Josef Plank,
around 1938)
A “Jewish Worm“ eats its way
through an apple labeled as the
“German Economy“. Text: “When
something is rotten the Jew is behind
it.“ (Der Stuermer, November 1931)
Saudi Arabia
(Al-Riyadh, September 2001)
A “Jewish Octopus” attacks a dove of
peace and clasps it. (Palestinian Al-
Hayat Al-Jadida, April 2000)
Israel and the USA eat through an
apple (labeled as the “Arab World“).
Israel starts off with its own land
[claimed by the PA], the USA with Iraq.
Text: “Be strong-we’ve got a lot of work
to do.” (Palestinian Al-Hayat Al-Jadida,
October 2003)
Israel is portrayed as wolf which creeps
greedily on the new PA government for
devouring it. (Al-Hayat Al-Jadida,
October 2003)
A “Jewish Scorpion” attacks the world
with an American missile labeled as
“Weapons of Mass Destruction”.
(Saudi Arabia, Al-Riyadh, Dec. 2003)
Saudi Arabia, Al-Riyadh,
September 2001, 2000-2004
Syria, Tishrin, April 30, 2000, 2000-2004

“Jewish Proxy World Rule“
Communism (“Bolshevism”) oppresses
the world and shows its
“real Jewish face”.
Text: “Bolshevism without a mask”
(Nazi propaganda cartoon, German
Propaganda Archiv)
The US oppresses the world by proxy for
the Jews. (Stars and Stripes are
transformed into a fork which is
grasped by a “Jewish Hand” and pierces
the world.) Bahrain
Arab News, May 5, 2002
Syria, Tishrin, May 19, 2002
“Jewish Press Control“
Jews control the press.
Title: “A Scene from
the ‘Good Old Days.'“
Text: “The freedom of the press.”
Apparently this depicts the situation
before 1933, when the Nazis claimed
the Jews controlled the German press.
(Brennessel, January 1934)
A Jew is writing behind the back,
secretly respectively, the speech of
George W. Bush (Palestinian Al-Hayat
Al-Jadida, July 26, 2003)
"Jewish Poison"
Text: “Englands Ties./The malicious jew
has the british laboratory rabbit tied
up.” (Der Stuermer, 1943)
“Jewish Terror“
A menacing looking orthodox Jew is
holding a gun and a knife.
Title: “Jewish Terror”
(Der Voelkische Beobachter, 1944
A menacing looking orthodox Jew is
holding a rifle. The big Arabic letters
which include the Star of David mean:
“Terror”. On the forearm there are
written the words: “The Assassination
Policy.“ (Qatar, Al-Watan, June 2003)
Qatar, Al-Watan, July 27, 2002, 2000-2004
A Jew is filling the “World Media“ up with
his poison/lies.
(Syrian Al-Ahram, May 29, 2002)

Arab Conspiracy Theories

Increasingly, some of the antisemitic Caricatures from today’s ARAB media are not very different from some of the depictions found in today’s WESTERN media .
The Protocols
of the Elders of Zion

The cover of an Egyptian edition

of the Protocols, 1986

Blood Libel

At the time the old fairytale, according which Jews use blood of Christian children to bake their Mazzot (breadfor Passover), is widespread first of all in the Arab world (in form of cartoons and movies). There it’s said that Jews are also greedy for Arab blood. This statement often goes in context with Israel’s prime minister Ariel Sharon who is portrayed as Dracula many times.