Norman Lowell



Norman Lowell (born July 29, 1946) is the founder and leader of Imperium Europa, a far-right Maltese political party.


Lowell has been described as racist, anti-semitic and a Nazi-sympathiser. Lowell himself claims that he is a racialist rather than a racist. Lowell has also stated that he is "neither a Nazi nor a Fascist nor a Neo-Nazi" and that he is "a strong libertarian."


Lowell is a contributor to American white nationalist website National Vanguard.



Imperium Europa is Norman Lowell's political party described by him as "a Europid bond forged through Spirituality closely followed by Race, nurtured through High culture, protected by High Politics, enforced by The Elite."


In a 2004 interview he stated that the idea is to form a new European political party grouping which he calls Nova Europa (New Europe), along with parties in other European countries on the far right of the political spectrum, such as the Austrian FPÖ.


Under the name "Imperium Europa", Norman Lowell contested the first European Parliament elections that were held in Malta on June 12 2004, obtaining 1,603 first-count votes from a total of 250,691 votes cast (0.64%).



Admiration for Adolf Hitler and holocaust denial


Lowell has described Mein Kampf as "The Book" and Adolf Hitler as "The Hero". Of Hitler, Lowell has said "He was – and IS – right".


Lowell has described the Holocaust as a "holy hoax" and a myth. He has praised Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has also questioned whether the Holocaust occurred.


Criminal prosecutions and allegations


In 2005, two criminal prosections relating to incitement to racial hatred were filed against Lowell by the Maltese authorities. The first charge related to an article by Lowell hosted on a satirical website in which anti-semitic statements of historical figures were quoted by Lowell. The second charge related to a public meeting organised by Lowell in January 2005 in Safi. The cases were eventually put off sine die after the Prosecuting officer, Superintendent Peter Paul Zammit, was absent from three sittings for the case, although police sources said three other police inspectors were present in these case .


Norman Lowell was again arrested and charged on three counts of inciting racial hatred in May 2006. One of the charges related to derogatory terms used to describe Jewish people in an article in the white nationalist National Vanguard entitled Coming Cataclysmic Crisis. Lowell was also accused of insulting the Maltese president Edward Fenech Adami during one of his speeches. Norman Lowell was later on released on bail on a personal guarantee of Lm5000 (€12,000).


In 2006, police investigations were carried out into allegations of links between Lowell and his supporters and several arson attacks.


In November 1st, 2006, Norman Lowell filed a libel action against Saviour Balzan, the editor of Malta Today, and journalists Kurt Sansone and Matthew Vella. Lowell's contention was that three articles published by the newspaper in May 2006 (Arsonists attack Daphne on same night Norman Lowell organises BBQ", "Lowell's neo-nazis hit out at press after arson attack" and "Get the bastards now, before it is too late") contained false and libellous information and put him in danger. The articles had, among other things, alleged that Lowell was involved in arson attacks, that he was a Neo-Nazi and was a person who had instigated racist violence.